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About Us. Privacy Policy. Just received my order of 10 DDR3L chips.

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These guys certainly spared no expenses on packaging! Yesterday I received another earlier order from them 2 DDR3L chips in industrial package , and they shipped them on a tray too. This just makes me not want to order stuff from them. Why contribute to this wasteful practice?

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For me, Arrow is best for larger orders, such as full reels of components or largish quantities of semiconductors. However, what seems like excess can make sense sometimes. I ordered a small quantity 25 of op amps a while back ADARZ , and they arrived in several bags, but each bag was a consistent datecode - they didn't just mix them all together. Many places like Mouser and Digikey don't mention the datecode at all, and I think Arrow is oriented to customers that need to keep track of datecodes and the like for traceability.

So, I think Arrow is just trying to work their way down the sales chain to the small guys like us, and what seems excessive sometimes is not really excessive at all.

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If you think about it, being sloppy about mingling datecode lots is actually the sloppy practice. Sure, for little guys like us who don't have to do traceability, it seems extreme, but I can always trust what I get from them to be genuine and fully specified. Overall, I like Arrow and I like their promotions. I'll always check them for stock, and especially now with the giant vacuum for some parts like MLCCs, they can have useful stock that other vendors don't have.

Overall, I'm a happy customer, and their free overnight is a great thing. Gibson Regular Contributor Posts: Country:. I suspect it will only last until they get the sales figures they want. Arrow has always been a big name So, their practices for shipping are accustomed to that.

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That is why they ship in such a wasteful manner. They are trying to catch up to digikey and mouser not sure what is going on with Newark since they rule the b2c realm. As a result, they are probably using the free shipping as a loss leader to just get engineers and consumers to use it. At my previous company, they were literally giving us free samples of any demo board upon request. Quote from: asmi on August 16, , am. Digikey is the easiest way to pay more for everything, Mouser beats Digikey in near everything, Arrow will not be a viable option until they fire's the marketing department who made that confuse and heavy website that is very hard to use.

But for sure Digikey the worse option. Sometimes, due to shipping cost, Digi-Key can be cheaper. I didn't used to check Arrow, but I have been for the past year or so and ordered several times. So, their efforts are paying off. I always search parts at Digikey as it seem to have the best categorization, but for actually ordering parts the Mouser is my first choice they recently opened an office in Canada few blocks away from my home , if the part isn't there in stock, I check DK and only after it I look elsewhere.

Few weeks ago Mouser started selling Micron parts albeit at higher prices than elsewhere , but before that DK was my only source for everything memory-related. Enter the code at checkout to see the updated discount price or free shipping offer if your purchase qualifies. Precious Moments - edealinfo.

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